Ascension Art Classes



Join your path with mine by becoming a student of my Spiritual Art Making, Ascension Art Classes:

If traditional meditation seems intimidating, Spiritual Art Making might appeal to you. If you’re already meditating, this practice will open your mind to a previously latent world of creativity and ideas!  

Great news!! That powerful energy is available to every single one of us! 

Non-artists and established artists both benefit from this holistic practice! It serves to release creative blockages around self confidence, as well as other barriers to artistry in our energy fields caused by stress, attachments and shame. When introducing breathwork and other  Eastern traditions for healing and alignment, Spiritual Art Making becomes an integral part of your self care.

If while participating in ANY activity, have you found yourself “in the zone”? Doodling, sewing, cooking, even cleaning! In those moments, you are experiencing conversation with your subconscious, your higher mind. Channeling this direct relationship into our daily lives is the goal of any meditation. Tapping into the flow of the incomprehensibly abundant river of Universal Love, of the Universe of Spirit, Source.. God… That is how we create our finest realities! 

Everyone is capable of creating Ascension Art.

“Wow – this class! it’s working for me. I never have been as good at abstract drawings. Like, I physically got nervous trying to do it. Now I’m just like “PUT ALL DA SHAPES ON IT” It’s way more fun this way. Every art class I ever had was so rigid and had strict rules. Art classes are literally what made me stop wanting to draw. But meditating and doodling whatever I want for me… it’s fun again!” -Rachael R

Every human is a creator, every person an artist. When we let go of our expectations, the ego surrounding the ‘final product” of our efforts, we can then harness our unlimited potential for everything, from healing ourselves, achieving clarity and helping others too!  


It truly is Art Therapy! 


Virtual Classroom Meditation Art – You provide your own materials, about 30 mins. Unlimited Class Size.

Thursdays 8-8:30pm


In-Person Mediation Art Class – All materials provided, about 1.5 hours. Class size is limited to only 10 persons at this time.

Sundays 11am-12:30pm



Please note:  $5 & $10 donations are requested. But no one is turned away!!