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Join your path with mine by becoming a client for the following Intuitive Guidance Services: 

Intuitive Guidance with Divination Cards:  

a traditional “Tarot Reading”


Ask me about a point of interest in your life and we will discover what insight the cards may reveal towards thinking about a bigger picture.

These readings are recorded for you personally via audio and are sent  TEXT or EMAIL, along with photos of the cards, as the artwork is very important to help understand the reading.

Schedule 24/7, and allow 24 hours.


  • 3 cards, <10 mins  – $10
  • 5 cards, 10+ mins – $20
  • 7 cards 25+ mins – $40
  • 9+ Specific Spreads 45+ min – $60




Real-Time Intuitive Guidance 

Tarot + Discussion 



Together, we will invite Spirit to impart on us any guidance regarding your whereabouts in life. We will make use of candles and other spiritual tools. These sessions are more fluid in nature and require more time.

Schedule Real-time readings  from our Limited Schedule:

Wednesday 1pm-9pm

Friday 7-9pm

Saturday 1pm-9pm


  • 45 mins – $60
  • 60 mins – $75
  • 90 mins – $100



Intuitive Guidance 


 Channelled Talisman Painting:



Choose an Intuitive Guidance Session, recorded or real-time.

…and in addition to your reading you will receive a Tarot Talisman ! It will hold the mystic energies you will need to move forward.

This is an abstract artwork specifically for you, channeled by me immediately following your session.

Please use the comments section form for requesting a reading, and add the price below:


Full Color Channelled Abstract Paintings:


3-4 colors, acrylic on canvas:

  • $80 for 10×10”
  •  $100 for 12×12”

 5 or more colors , acrylic on canvas:

  • $150 for 11×14″
  • $200 for 16×20”

allow 1-2 weeks for completion

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