We are here on Earth to experience being human, RIGHT NOW specifically because… It’s time for a BIG change. We all feel it. And we start with ourselves! Let’s use ART to raise the vibration of Earthkind!

We all have unlimited access to Universal Love and Source Energy, whether we call it Angels, 5-D Energies, Spirit, or God. We have a  Universal Right as sentient beings to take up space on this planet with our lives and creative expressions, to powerfully tap into the luscious creative abundance that is meant for us, and we do this to help heal from dis-ease and trauma, to focus more clarity on our lives, and to recover from blockages to our emotional and artistic energies!

Ok! so… how?  “Meditation is hard.” … “But I’m not an artist.”

Let go of expectations, and you will create great expressions meant specifically for you!

Making space for creating “silly” art allows us to open ourselves to receive encoded messages of sacred geometry and balance our energy flow using color therapy. My goal is to teach students to use their minds and bodies as tools for manifesting abundance in all endeavors, including getting in touch with the artistic creativity that we are all born with! I encourage the use of art-making as meditation to activate physical, mental, and emotional healing. We all have issues in this area of our lives, from someone who enjoyed drawing as a kid and can’t remember why they stopped, all the way to aspiring artists who had someone important to them say “You’re not really an artist”. (Believe me, even as a professional artist – I struggle using my own art supplies sometimes! The challenge is to give yourself permission to make something impermanent, silly, just for you.

Traditional meditation can be intimidating!! We connect to Source Energy by opening up our workspace to collaborative creative energy then we get settled into a deep state of focus using guided meditation. We get intentional with breathing, trusting our intuition, and participating in simple but mindful practices that ease the strain of conquering the ‘blank page’!

“Non-artists and established artists both benefit from this holistic practice. It serves to release creative blockages around self-confidence, as well as other barriers to artistry in our energy fields caused by stress, attachments, and shame. When introducing breathwork and other Eastern traditions for healing and alignment, Ascension Art becomes an integral part of your self-care. If while participating in ANY activity, have you found yourself “in the zone”? Doodling, sewing, cooking, even cleaning! In those moments, you are experiencing conversation with your subconscious, your higher mind. Channeling this direct relationship into our daily lives is the goal of any meditation. That is how we create our finest realities!”

Everyone is capable of creating Ascension Art.

“Wow – this class! it’s working for me. I never have been as good at abstract drawings. Like, I physically got nervous trying to do it. Now I’m just like “PUT ALL THE SHAPES ON IT” It’s way more fun this way. Every art class I ever had was so rigid and had strict rules. Art classes are literally what made me stop wanting to draw. But meditating and doodling whatever I want for me… it’s fun again!” -Rachael R


It truly is Art Therapy! Come see me at an Upcoming Event!