What are Activation Coloring Pages?

Activation Coloring Pages are loose leaf, high quality coloring pages that are chosen a la cart, or in preselected bundle packs – we are reinventing the wheel! These are single side printed for beautiful framing and can be easily carried around for coloring on the go from inside the included reusable 100% recycled paper pocket folder with optional personalized cover and include: a testing sheet of the same paper to test colors and make sure there isn’t any bleeding, an explanation of the color wheel and how to select attractive color schemes, plus the meanings behind the works. 

These are mindful, intentional artworks that has been created during a deep state of channeling, activating you on a cellular level through the downloading the ‘codes’ embedded in the image. These include abstract works, folklore and celestial imagery, sacred geometry, ancient conceptual art and archetypal illustrations. Other selections include my personal meditative art, previously commissioned illustrations (with permission), or your own personalized commissions such as your family or a pet, favorite animal, or holiday… there are unlimited concepts!


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